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Health insurance plans insure you against unexpected medical emergencies and keep your family’s finances stable during such a testing time. Keeping in mind the rising medical costs and spurt of diseases buying a health insurance is mandatory. A medical emergency can knock anyone’s door and impact a person both emotionally and financially. As a result, financial advisors suggest that it is prudent to buy health insurance plan and health care policy early in life.

Health Coverage: Health Insurance plans have enhanced offerings to cover a wide spectrum of requirements, like a family health plan offers complete cover to all members of a family under a single umbrella.

Medical Bills: Coverage against medicinal expenses incurred, including pre and post hospitalization
Pre-existing Diseases: Coverage for any pre-existing disease is provided to you after a certain waiting period.
Claim Reimbursement: Coverage for expenses incurred for hospitalization due to a medical
Tax Rebate: Annual premium paid for health coverage are subject to tax exemption u/s 80D of ITA, 1961. Tax exemption ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 60,000.
Other Benefits: As an innovative feature, OPD expenses are now covered under few Insurer plans and don’t require hospitalization for minimum 24 hrs to claim reimbursement. Stand alone OPD plans are also available in the market.

Key Points to Remember when Comparing Health Insurance
Sum Insured by the policy
Premium to be paid for the coverage
List of network hospitals and Claim Settlement Ratio
Sub-limits (if any) and Waiting Period (for PEDs)

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Medical treatment is becoming expensive with the every passing day. Getting treatment done for any health related problem for the common people in big super specialty hospital network is very difficult because of the high treatment cost. The consulting fee of specialist doctors, room rent, and medicine cost, laboratory test, blood bank, and others together results into a big hospital expense which creates a big hole in the pocket of poor people. It is the Medical insurance that can prove of great use whenever you are required to go for any kind of the operation, surgery, etc.

It is advised to go for an affordable health insurance policy to cover your medical expenses and save your family from the unexpected hospital expenses incurred due to any unavoidable health care procedure in a big hospital.

A customer can explore online at Policy Secure round the clock to compare health insurance plans for family and also to compare individual health insurance plans at a low premium.

You can learn about the great advantages, process to buy, payment modes, and other important aspects related to the highly demanding online health insurance plans at a pocket-friendly premium.

Everything to Know About Health Insurance in India

With the evolving world and changing daily trends, life has become stressful in turn leading to more and more degrading health conditions. People have started practicing bad habits in order to cope with their chaotic lifestyle which has in turn lead to sever health problems especially amongst Indians.

Millions of people die every year due to problems like heart diseases, diabetes, smoking, liver cirrhosis, and many more. These are the major causes leading to the high death toll in India. Lack of the best treatment from reputed hospitals becomes the cause of several deaths. And so it is necessary for not only families but also for the independent individuals to go for the best private health insurance plans made available by the number of the reputed health insurance companies in India.

Many of the Indians lose their lives due to lack of proper treatment. This happens because of the practice of traditional medicine in the country or due to the un-affordability of the right healthcare medications. The charges of healthcare are shooting at par these days and it is very important to protect your family members against any disease by getting them ensured with a cheap health insurance policy. It saves you from any type of financial difficulties and prepares you for any such concern in future. Through a health insurance you can be ensured to bear the skyrocketing medical expenses in an easy and convenient way.

Defining Health Insurance in India

Health insurance is a type of insurance policy in the country that makes you apply for cashless treatment or expense reimbursement in case you fall ill due to any serious problem or accident or any other mishap. If you have your insurance policy active, you are ensured for medical and surgical expenses that can arise due to any illness or injury that results in hospitalization.

The health insurance company that you tie up provides you with cashless hospitalization at the networked hospital or provides you with the necessary reimbursement for all the expenses incurred. The Government of India has subsidized the insured health insurance cost in the form of tax exemption in the form of Section 80D of the Income Tax, 1961 Act.

Through a health insurance you can be ensured to bear the skyrocketing medical expenses in an easy and convenient way. With the increasing medical costs, health insurance ensures that you get the best and the right treatment for your ailment without any strain in your financial stability. There are many health care insurance providers you can find at Policy Secure for the hassle free comparison of medical plans before you buy for yourself or for your loving family.

What Does Any health Insurance Policy Cover?

There are a number of health insurance plans available so as to maximize your coverage and benefits and reduce the financial haphazard. Depending on the plan you choose, the medical coverage is provided accordingly.

There are plans that only cover the treatment phase and not the pre and post treatment costs whereas some plans cover all the pre and post hospitalization charges as well. These packages cover day care processes and domiciliary treatment as well.

Basically, there are two types of health insurance plans in India. These include:

  • The first is the indemnity plans. These plans will cover and in turn compensate for the actual finance incurred during the medical treatment. A policy holder can avail for the entire medical coverage amount multiple times during the term of the policy or until the policy is valid.

    The expenses covered under the indemnity health insurance include the hospital room rent, operation theatre charges, the physician’s fee and all the pre and post hospitalization expenses. The indemnity plan is the best and the most popular in the country as it replaces all the cost incurred during the entire treatment and recovery phase.

  • The second is the lump sum benefits policies that pay the entire medical expense assured only if the particular event occurs. For instance, if you have bought the health plan of critical illness coverage and if you’re diagnosed with the same, then you will receive all the benefits incurred in the plan. The only aim of the lump sum benefits plan is to ensure you with a financial support to meet the high end health benefits.

    This plan covers costs bear during physiotherapy or any other rehabilitation procedures, the usage of monitoring devices needed during the critical illnesses, any follow-up medical tests and investigations, required or prescribed dietary supplements and any home modifications needed during the course of recovery from the illness.

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Why is it Necessary to Avail Health Insurance in India?

With modernization and commercialization of technologies and advent of new medications and equipments easing the healthcare sector, getting any medical aid has turned out to be highly expensive. The major problem is experienced by the medium class sector, who cannot afford such high end expenses. With this said, healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in India, which the market turning its aces on the rich side.

The potential of growth in future is high with the health insurance companies and so more and more insurance organizations are indulging in healthcare sector of the country. There is wide scope of medical insurance in the Indian populace. There should be more plans that can focus on the medium sector of the country so as to maximize the benefits of the policy.

According to a recent survey by the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO), only 20% of the total Indian population holds a medical insurance coverage for them and their family. Out of this 20%, 18% of the medical insurance holders reside in the urban areas and 14% of the total population of health insurance holder was from the rural areas.

Health Insurance policy is important and necessary in India owing to the increasing cost of the medical expenses and the fact that getting the free medical aid is becoming a tedious job in India. A good medical health insurance policy covers you against medical costs, hospitalization costs, prescribed medication, all the lab testing costs and medical equipment slips and any other type of costing incurred in critical illness.

Before buying any health insurance policy, it is important that you read all the terms and conditions of coverage and then buy the best policy for you.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Policy

The need of having a stable health insurance from a reputed insurance policy is entailed by a number of benefits. These include:

  • It provides you with financial stability: Some medical conditions do not knock on the door before occurring. You can have an endless medical expense without even knowing and so it is better to be secured beforehand in case of such conditions. A health insurance policy covers all the cost and protects you from any financial distress and also prevents you from taking any big dip from your savings account.

    With your medical insurance policy you are ensured will a full coverage of all the medical expenses or necessary reimbursements. This ensures you a certain financial stability and peaceful mind for the same.
  • You can avail for the best medical treatment: Certain pupils do not indulge in a required medical treatment due to lack of sufficient funds. A medical insurance in place guarantees you with the best treatment for your ailment so that you can recover better from the health condition.
  • You have a wide range of health insurance plans to choose from: With medical insurance turned into a business prospect in the country, there are a number of health insurance providers in the country. So you get a number of options of various health policies to choose from. You can easily opt for the best health insurance policy which can cater to all your health requirements.

Should You Buy Medical Insurance Online or Offline?

Whilst people considering buying health insurance online or offline, the first question that arises, is whether you should trust the online sellers or go for a infrastructure mode for buying one. With digitalization, many people are turning heads to reading of terms and conditions online.

However, the methodology of acquiring the policy remains the same in both. Buying health insurance coverage online is more convenient and easy since you do not have to be physically present in order to provide you with the best health insurance policy. You save your traveling time, struggle, fare, and also enjoy good discounts on premium to be paid.

If considering buying a health insurance policy, go for the online mode at Policy Secure.

Advantages of Buying a Medical Insurance Policy Online in India

With the chaotic and tiring lifestyle of people these days, visiting different offices or branches just to get a brief about the benefits of buying health insurance from their company is very challenging. The hectic schedule of people makes it a tedious task to physically go and check for every health insurance policy.

Many policy providers prefer of advertising their medical insurance policy online so as to offer a platform for people to go through their terms and compare them easily with the other policy providers. There are various benefits of buying insurance policy online:

  • A free access to all information: Health Insurance policy companies offer their customers to access all their accurate information using the online mode in the market. As you can directly read through, there is no agent or middle person involved. This saves you from indulging in any unreliable or biased information.
  • It is highly convenient and time efficient process: Online method saves a lot of time in judging which policy to buy and comparing the benefits and prices of all the health insurance policies. You don’t have to meet agents and comparing every policy. It saves additional efforts for paying premiums, renewing of plans, and any other method.
  • The information is handy and pocket friendly: If you thinking of buying a health policy then, opt for an online mode. As you can easily check the feature of any policy on your phone and other devices supporting internet services it becomes very easy and handy to gather essential information.
  • It saves a lot of costs: If you go for an online mode, the agent costs are levied and so the policy holder ends up saving a lot of money as discount and great deals on buying self-employed health insurance, health insurance plans for family, student health insurance, individual health insurance, and more.
  • Instant new health insurance and renewal policy is available 24x7.
  • Multiple modes of payment with total security.
  • Prompt, reliable, worry free, and free online medical insurance facility at Policy Secure.

Points to Consider Before Buying Any Health Insurance Policy

  • Read through the maximum available sum assured to you.
  • Consider the credibility and reputation of the company.
  • Check the incurred claim ratio while comparing health insurance policies.
  • Always ask about the how to get a medical claim.
  • Read all the terms and conditions properly and in case of any mismatched or inappropriate information, ask or reject the company.

More on the Types of Health Insurance in India

These include family health plan, senior citizen health insurance, maternity insurance, surgical or critical illness insurance, and personal accident cover. Depending on the type of health insurance you want, the terms and conditions are affixed accordingly with the premium increasing or decreasing on the type of the medical insurance plans you choose and the benefits you opt for.

Before buying any health plan always read about the renewability prospects and top up plans if any available. Policy Secure aids in providing you the best healthcare insurance policy according to your needs. We have no hidden cost and offers wide range of policies for people of all income class.