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Antworks Insurance broking and Risk Consulting Private Limited is a Registered Insurance Broker under prevailing IRDAI guidelines. Antworks Insurance broking and Risk Consulting Private Limited owns and operates under the prevailing IRDAI guidelines. For clarification of doubt, Antworks Insurance Broking and Risk Consulting Private Limited and its web portal has been jointly referred to as Policy Secure in this document.

You are welcome Policy Secure site which is engaged in providing a dedicated online platform to buy fresh insurance policy and to renew existing policies of different types without hassle 24x7.

Before using this site, read all the terms and conditions carefully and accept it. We suggest you to also go thoroughly to those linked references provided with the Terms of Use which is also considered as the part of the ToU. Terms of Use gives an effective impact by accepting it, as you can use any feature of functionality by accepting ToU first. If our ToU gets the conflict with other documents, then the ToU will get control over the uses of the site.

If you do not accept our Terms of Use conditions and the privacy policy, then you are not given any right to use this site with no feature or function available. You must visit our ToU and Privacy Policy regularly for your updates with our current versions of TOU. We keep our rights reserved and can change or modify our terms and conditions any time without any notice prior to it, where you can continue to this site with accepting our updated version of TOU.

1. Services detailed description

In the site of Policy Secure, we provide our users to access primary information of financial, insurance, and services products with access to general insurance, life insurance, and other services which are related to it including service with unlimited renewals. You are considered member for accessing the site which may include third-party fees like internet charges, internet service provider, and airtime charges. You are accessible to all the types of equipment necessary for accessing the site additionally.

Using this site and completing your personal details form, you confirm that you agree to all the terms and conditions with interested in buying our services and making use of it properly. You get to agree that Policy Secure may call or contact you digitally or via mobile phones for understanding your requirements and interest in the available products and services with notifying you via reminders, renewals, etc. and by keeping in mind your demands.

Policy Secure reserves the right to access your details and sharing it with affiliates and partners for making contact to you by affiliates or partners via email, call, or SMS as per need. You hereby declare to get agree for receiving materials to be promoted and offers especially from Policy Secure via SMS, e-mail, and other mean of communications as and when required. We aim to offer the top quality and satisfactory services to our valued customers, business partners, service partners, and other stake holders.

2. Access to License and site

Policy Secure provides you a license which is limited for accessing your personal details, use of the site with all services available to you. License does not involve any kind of downloading or copying data of information for security advantage to other individuals, vendor or third parties, with caching to unauthorized links to the site including framing of contents available on site for uploading, transmitting, and posting contents for which you do not have any right available as any content or material may contain software viruses, computer codes, files, and program designed for destroying, interrupting or limit the functionality of any hardware or software.

Any action which imposes or may impose sole discretion in Policy Secure due to any unsatisfied reason or large load on the infrastructure of Policy Secure, use of robots or data mining for gathering data with extracting tools. You are not allowed to break any rules or measures taken for prevention or restriction on the site.

Unauthorized use of the site or any function will cancel your license or permission provided to you by us. Using the site, you get to agree to our terms such as (a.) using this site or contents for any commercial use (b.) fraudulent transaction or other false transaction making any speculative (c.) accessing, copying or monitoring contents information of this site using some robots, scraper, or spiders via automated machines or manually for any reason without our acknowledgment permission. (d.) restrictions in robot exclusion, headers or bypass of this site with some measures taken to prevent access to the site. (e.) taking action which may impose in an unreasonable discretion with a huge load in the infrastructure of Policy Secure.( f.) deeply linking to any part of the site as well as purchase way for any service or use without our permission acknowledged. (g.) framing, mirroring the authorization in the other sites without our provided permission.

3. Eligibility

Our services are restricted for those who are under the age of 18 and those who are terminated or removed from the system of Policy Secure due to any reasons. One user can have permission for only one active account. Members who are involved in selling, trading or accounts transferring to other parties are restricted. If you are eligible for this, then you cannot use the site or services available.

4. Personal Account

For using the site, you must be eligible with all terms and age for signing the contract and you are not a person who is removed from services comes under the laws of India and ensure that you are using this site for legal procedures and purchases for yourself or for other people who are also legally approved to act of terms and condition of Policy Secure.

You agree to the condition of providing accurate, proper, and correct information of yours to the site. If you give us false and inaccurate, not current and incomplete, or become false later, then Policy Secure has the suspension or termination right for your account with refusing all the use of the site in future.

Using the site, you have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your accounts and passwords and restrict the access to your computer or PC. You agree to accept the responsibility of all the activities occurring in your account and passwords. Due to this, we advise you that you logout from the account every time with the end of the session. Policy Secure sends the notification to you if any unauthorized or illegal activity is detected for ensuring the security.

We reserve the right for refusing services, terminating or removing accounts with editing or removing of contents in the discretion of sole. We obtain our right to sole discretion with rejecting access to anyone on site and the offered services at any time with any reason if judged for violation of terms and conditions of the site.

We suggest you read all the terms and conditions with the additional information carefully. If you agree to the ToU of Policy Secure with buying any service with a service provider by those whom you select to deal with all the payments of the amount when the rules of service providers with restrictions are applied with the cancellation of buying with the rejected access to services.

5. Content submissions

We do not claim for ownership of materials which is available in reference to the site. Materials are included in the services part with changes done in the Policy Secure sole discretion. With these materials submission or getting available the contents on site, you provide Policy Secure a unique and royalty free including non-existed license to use and copy it with displaying, editing, creating works to any part or materials using the name of content submissions in the connection.

Representing the warrant and convenience to the materials you give us which does not include anything except text and images or videos with the full right to request the license described in section 4. We do not take any responsibility and assume weak contents at the time of submissions or already submitted by you.

We do not oblige to post on your comments as we reserve our right in the discretion to find out the comments posted on the site. If you disagree with all these terms, then don’t submit any contents.

As submitting contents, it is assumed that you agree the whole responsibility of your content. You are denied from posting or transferring contents to or from this site. a. Any law or rules, danger, insecurity, or other material and content which violate rights of Policy Secure or privacy which violates any laws. b. any materials and contents which are not correct or proper comes under copyright or violate it with trademarks, a right of third parties must be responsible for their damages resulting in the violation of contents posting to the site.

6. Liability and warranty

Contents, products, and services posted on this site contain an inaccuracy, errors involving pricing errors which are not guaranteed by us. We do not claim for all liabilities of errors and inaccuracies which contain related pieces of information and details of the contents, services, and products which are reserved as a right to us for the correction of pricing errors on the site with pending bookings request of wrong prices. We do not represent information, products of software and services on site for any use which do not constitute recommendations of products and services.

All these pieces of information, software, services, and products are granted without any warranty. We disclaim all warranties and conditions with respect to the information, products, software and services with implied conditions.

7. Online availability, impressions, and click-through

There are no guarantee and warranty provided with other disclaimers and limitations with respect to the online available impressions or click through Policy Secure with all web pages or any materials, pieces of information and contents present on the site. Policy Secure and its web pages, its materials, pieces of information, contents which are present on Policy Secure sites are unavailable for accessing online at any time.

8. Refund and chargeback cancellation terms and conditions

As per rules and regulations, you are given right to cancel your insurance plan in 15 days from the date of purchasing online with the provided refund of your amount of premium which can be processed as per the procedures which are expected to be followed by the insurer. This looks facility is available for life and health policies with the terms and conditions specified by IRDAI.

We encourage and motivate our customers for reading the whole privacy policy with our terms and conditions displayed in the document. After requesting for cancellation once with this free look period, then the policy will get cancelled with the refund of whole premium amount deducting the charges of medical tests, stamp duty in administration and services, mortality charges for the policy.

Payments are refundable as stated above with the sole discretion of the policyholder with rules and regulations provided by IRDAI. We have a tie-up with authorized by RBI payment gateway for granting you permission for online payments for your premium amounts which act as a facilitator with providing assistance to our policyholders.

Terms and conditions of proposals

You agree to all the statements, answers on behalf of all persons or insurers with respect to the knowledge and contents authorized. Information for understanding which is provided by you will be the basis of insurance policy. You declare here for notifying the change which occurs in the occupation of general life or health which has to be submitted before the acceptance of insurance by the company.

You declare to get agree with the insurance company who want your medical reports from any doctor or hospital at any time from past visited the doctor about your health issues or problems. You agree to the Policy Secure Company for sharing information to the proposals or claims with any authority.

Give authorization to any of the insurance company’s representatives for medical information required for the usage of insurance policy. You are not allowed to continue with insurance plans directly or indirectly with renewing or continue to the policy. Any person is charged penalty in a provision to the section which charges you ten lakh rupees.

9. Customer requirements

You do agree in our financial transactions from the websites with compulsory pieces of information for KYC verification use for the customers with the request of policy by applied rules and regulations. Our Policy Secure provides you with enough information for satisfying to the insurance company for identification of customers.

The use of this is our intended relation between you and the company feels safe and protected. You must ensure that payment for premium is directed to the bank account or from a joint account for the joint insurance policy.

10. Disclaimer

Policy Secure website is developed as producing license under any laws or third party involvements right with proper implementation and implications.

11. Laws

We control and secure you while operating the websites from the headquarters which do not represent the materials on the site. If you use the site from different locations, then you are considered responsible for exporting or importing rules and regulation of different countries and all the promotional websites or individuals companies located in India.

12. Liability limitations

You agree to the terms and conditions of Policy Secure which it offers such as affiliates, officers, and employees, partners which will not be liable to you directly or indirectly. Policy Secure will offer you the limitation with any loss or damage which raises the connection with the details with no events expression. Its limitation will survive or apply even when needed with these terms and conditions applied with efficient uses. You agree to the terms of all officers, agents, and partners, employees with respect with claims or actions demands of these terms of use with violating the third party using the site.

13. Electronics

While using the site, you can receive emails or send emails to or from Policy Secure for communication in an easy way. You will receive communications from us for better and easy means of communication. Our company will call you or contact you by mails electronically with the best communication with you for any reasons or questions.

14. Email site providers and postings

The site provides us with sending emails for posting messages on the site by reviewing some information or messages of the contents with responsibility or liability. Our Policy Secure may differ from time to time with monitoring the site with denying acceptance with a removal of emails or messages.

15. Links

The site and involvement of third parties will link you to the World Wide Web sites and resources due to no control over these sites externally liable for information or contents.

You agree to access and use the password protection for securing the site areas with authorization. And unauthorized persons cannot get access to the site with any reason as of the protection.

16. Changes and notifications

Our Policy Secure site reserves the right for making changes with the site of policies and agreements, the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy at any time for making the materials changes with the information. Amendment including the changes in the Terms of Use for 30 days from the buying of insurance policy plan with removing or terminating fraudulent sites and others from time to time.

17. Trademarks

The trademarks, pieces of information, contents, services, and logos will display on the site as per the properties and features of Policy Secure Website Company with other associated parties and providers.

Customers are restricted using any of the above-mentioned pieces of information with other web pages contents on World Wide Web without our acknowledgment to other parties or web sites. This site includes any software services with the protection of copyright for editing, copying, transferring, displaying, selling or buying the contents for a derivation of our work with public purposes.

18. Survival of terms and services when ends

Now with the expects of the terms and conditions for general uses and purposes for the Terms of Use which imposes on the party for the survival of termination and expiration of terms and conditions.

19. General purposes

If any of the terms and conditions with your need are seemed to be doubted invalid for any reason or unforgeable, then the third party or other parties ensure the effects to the parties or conditions without any validation and limitations for remaining conditions and situations in such section of headings.

The terms and uses with the best relationships between you and our company will be protected by the laws of government with regards to the provisions. The terms and conditions of ToU in the connection of action with respect to Policy Secure are developed in the interest of users and the company. This is considered as priority to a Policy Secure site for the constitution and entire agreement of the government.

The restrictions involve unlimited to the Policy Secure for sending messages to the people who don’t know you and fails to recognize with unknown contacts, using the site for the connection of people not knowing the messages to those people without the permission and sending the messages for the distribution and newsgroups lists for group lists.

All the essentials terms and conditions are included for the detailed information of our valued users. Policy Secure aims to achieve the trust of our users and provide incredible insurance buying and renewal services online. For more information or any query, you can contact our concerned department.